Can I be a member of the PMI Regina Chapter without being a member of PMI Global?

You have to be a subscribe to PMI global before you can be a PMI chapter member. You will find confirmation of this in under the 'Can I become a member, then join a local chapter later? How long will the chapter membership be valid?' section. 


With your PMI Global membership, they provide a PDU tracking service if you are a PMP, plus there is access to a ton of project management webinars and templates through access to that are well worth the money for your organization and yourself personally.


You can find a list of benefits of membership here


If you decide that you can get a lot of benefit from membership, please go ahead and sign up through


Make sure you select Regina South Saskatchewan as your Chapter.

How do I change my password?

Once you log in, under the Home Menu, User Menu, My Account, you can change your password. There is currently no method for members to update their own User Name but this may change in the future. Data under 'My Account' is loaded from PMI global files and must be changed at

Can I pay for more than one person to attend an event?

Yes, you can register as a group. You will have to enter each person's name and PMI numberi (if applicable), and you will be charged one credit card transaction. 

Can I pay for multiple PMI members on one credit card transaction?

Yes, several PMI member registrations can be paid for with one credit card transaction. You will need each PMI member's number and name to add them in the event Checkout. 

Can I still attend an event such as a chapter luncheon after registration closes?

The chapter Board decided in June, 2010 to revise the registration policy to provide greater flexibility for participant attendance. A limited number of walk-ins will now be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Cash only and a receipt will be issued. The surcharge for this convenience will be $5 per registration resulting in a total cost of $25 (members), $35 (non-members) 

How do I get a record of the events I attend?

To do this, you must have Login ID. If you don't, click Login and follow the directions. Once you have a Login ID, login to the site, then click 'My Registrations' under the Home Menu, User Menu.

How do I register for an event?

If it is an event on the main page, simply click on the Register Now button. Please note that in order to receive the member price, members must first log in to the site before registering.

I don't want to put my credit card into your system. Is it secure?

Our system is fully secured and does NOT store your credit card number or associated codes. We use a third party provider that is widely used by Merchants. Transactions are sent between your server and Merchant data centers via the Internet using a highly secure technique based on SSL. 

This is my first visit to the Chapter's new website, how do I logon?

For first time login by a chapter member use your preferred email address as your user name, and your PMI ID as your password.  If you still have a problem logging on you can contact VP Communications. To confirm your membership please contact VP Membership

Where can I find more details about the chapter's Professional Development Conference (PDC) or Fall Seminar?

Details about future events may be found by clicking EVENTS. Either the Calendar or the Event Listing will provide you with information on up coming events.