PDC 2018 - Day 1 Session 1 Track 1: Bob Hornsberger - Meeting Facilitation

Topic: Meeting Facilitation

This program is targeted to individuals who, as part of their job, facilitate groups. The workshop provides a framework for facilitating groups. The program also provides participants to practice their facilitation skills and receive feedback on their progress.

Topics such as

  1. Establishing group guidelines
  2. Defining facilitation and its core values
  3. Facilitator roles and responsibilities, traps to avoid, and core qualities
  4. Facilitation skills assessment
  5. Organizing a session 
  6. Giving and receiving feedback are covered in this experiential learning experience

Bob Hornsberger Bio:

Website/Video:  https://www.uregina.ca/cce/faculty-staff/faculty/hornsberger-bob.html

Bob Hornsberger


Bob Hornsberger is a life time resident of Regina having been born, raised, educated and employed in the city for over 70 years. Bob has over 48 years of experience in assisting organizations to change through thoughtful planning and designing, delivering and evaluating learning programs to assist managers, supervisors and staff in developing the competencies they require to help their organizations meet their challenges and goals. Bob also provides coaching and counselling services to front line employees, supervisors, managers and executives in assisting them in resolving professional and personal issues.


Talent Triangle: Leadership, Technical