PDC 2018 - Day 2 Breakfast Keynote: Panic Squad - Improv Leadership

Topic: Improv Leadership

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Panic Squad Bio:

Website/Video:  https://panicsquad.com/

Panic SquadWe have been teaching our Improv Leadership principles across North America with great success. We are firm believers that learning important elements of teamwork and leadership should be fun and memorable. When we’re laughing together we’re open and engaged. When we’re open and engaged, we’re learning. Too often professional development has great content but lacks the delivery to make it fun and make it stick.

If you’ve ever sat through a seminar with a presenter that sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown movies, and a presentation that needed to incorporate stand up and stretch breaks, then you know what I mean. What about passion, creativity, collaboration and those “Aha!” moments that ignite new ideas and behavior? How about breaking through and stretching your limitations instead of taking a break to stretch your legs?

20 years of performing professional improv comedy for diverse organizations across North America has taught us some fabulous lessons in teamwork and leadership. We’ve fused our expert improv experience with key elements of teamwork and leadership to create a memorable professional development workshop we call Improv Leadership. Part professional improv performance and part leadership training, your team will love laughing and learning together.


Talent Triangle: Leadership