PDC 2018 - Day 2 Session 6 Track 3: Jennifer Ehrmantraut - Bridging the Strategic Planning Hype

Topic: Bridging the Strategic Planning Hype


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Jennifer Ehrmantraut Bio:

Website/Video:  https://www.intentionalyou.ca/

Jennifer Ehrmantraut is edgy, funny, and a little sweary. 

With over 20 years experience working in leadership positions (6 of which were at VP level), Jennifer Ehrmantraut knows what it takes to motivate your team, help you create and successfully carry out strategic plans, exceed budget expectations and balance the day-to-day operations while maintaining focus on the company vision.

As a Certified Professional Accountant, Jennifer's focus was on the management of organizations, leading both large (>1000 staff) and small teams and being accountable and responsible for budgets in excess of $300M.

She is a professional accountant by trade and an inspirer of intentional joy by passion. Her biggest lesson has been that when we lose the connection to ourselves then we can no longer connect with others. In finding her connection to herself again, Jennifer is redefining what success looks like through her company, Intentional You. There, she challenges individuals to question their stories, their capabilities, and their judgments of themselves, to give them the platform to jump beyond what they thought was possible.

Jennifer has been featured in Vintage Gypsy Magazine, on the TEDx stage, and has received numerous leadership awards over the years.Her Professional Qualifications include:

  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC) through Royal Roads University (April 2015)
  • Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) (June 2001)

More importantly, Jennifer has been where you are and has done the things she is asking you to do.

Talent Triangle: Business Strategic