PDC 2018


PDC 2018 - Day 2 Session 5 Track 3: Laura Soparlo - Accountable Communications

Topic: Accountable Communications

Many leaders aspire to be effective communicators.  Many times we may believe we are communicating effectively however the response we get from others is not what we have intended.  Being an effective communicator takes time, patience and excellent interpersonal skills.  Good communications skills starts with being aware and accountable for how your words impact others and managing your own emotions given the situation.   

In this session participants will: 

  • become aware how your actions and words may impact others;
  • appreciate how their emotions and perceptions can impact the situation;
  • understand how to give positive feedback;
  • understand how to give constructive feedback; and
  • understand how to address a situation with an upset customer/colleague.

Laura Soparlo Bio:


Laura SoparloLaura Soparlo is currently an organization improvement consultant with her own company in Regina. She has over 30 years of experience in the both the public and private sector especially in the health care sector. She is known as a dynamic leader specializing in organizational, systems and team effectiveness.  She has facilitated numerous strategic planning, organizational change, and leadership effectiveness projects for numerous organizations in western Canada.  She has worked with multiple organizations to improve their governance models and leadership.

Laura is a session lecturer at the University of Regina on strategy, leadership and teams for the Business and Professional Development Programs Centre for Continuing Leadership.  She is the Master Facilitator for the Saskatchewan Institute for Health Leadership and the Education Leadership Institute of Saskatchewan



Talent Triangle: Leadership

PDC 2018 - Day 1 Session 1 Track 2: Jess Hirsh - Learning at the Speed of Light: How Technology Accelerates Education

Topic: Learning at the Speed of Light: How Technology Accelerates Education 

The challenge for organizations and educators in the face of rapidly evolving technology is not only how to keep up with changing tools, but also how to keep up with your employees and students themselves. How do you do more with less, while operating at a speed that makes critical thinking difficult? How do we bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to the education and empowerment our emerging society requires?

Hess Hirsch - Futurist & Digital Strategist Bio:


Jesse Hirsh


Jesse owns and operates Metaviews Media Management Ltd., which focuses on research and consulting around new media business models, big data, and the strategic use of social media. He is also a co-founder of the Academy of the Impossible a peer to peer lifelong learning facility. Because of the impact technology has on our relationship with the world, Jesse believes that it should be used in responsible and creative ways. He encourages audiences to use technology as the catalyst for collaboration, education, and growing thriving organizations.


Talent Triangle: Strategic & Bus Mgmt

PDC 2018 - Day 2 Lunch Keynote: Donna Bowyer - Mental Health in the WorkPlace

Topic: Mental Health in the WorkPlace

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m a Project Manager not a mental health/illness counsellor.  I shouldn’t have to deal with this.” Well guess what, it is a part of being a Project Manager.  If you don’t take care of it, you know it will impact your projects success.  So what can you do?  We will discuss how mental health issues impacts the workplace and why it is you that needs to be prepared.


Donna Bowyer Bio:

Donna is currently the Provincial Director for the Friends for Life project under the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA, Sk Division) and also oversees the CMHA, Moose Jaw Branch.  Donna has been with CMHA for over 25 years.  She has worked with people with long term mental illness in the area of social and vocational rehabilitation and now is primarily an educator but still oversees Peer Support.  Donna is a certified trainer in many areas of prevention, recovery, suicide prevention,  and first aid for mental health problems.  Donna is also on a number of Provincial and National Committees.

Donna Lives in Moose Jaw with her husband and is a part of the clubhouse sandwich generation with boomerang children.


Talent Triangle: tbd

PDC 2018 - Day 2 Evening Keynote: Kevin Kidney - Project Delivery in the Age of "Phoenix"

Topic: Project Delivery in the Age of "Phoenix"

The delivery of large complex projects is difficult under the most advantageous winning conditions. In the current era, where the transformation of pay administration initiative (Phoenix) within the Government of Canada is in the news on a regular basis, organizations are asking a question about their own current and proposed projects: "How can we prevent being a "Phoenix?". The presentation will focus on the various lessons learned identified through independent audits of the project, and the strategies that can be employed on your projects to better prepare your client to be successful. Some examples will be explored from recent personal experience of project challenges in the age of Phoenix.


Kevin Kidney Bio:


As a Senior Enterprise Consultant with Solvera Solutions, Kevin has gained over 25 years of experience specializing in project management, business process re-engineering, policy and strategy development, change management, and operational management. He has specific experience in not only leading successful project implementations, but also in managing the post-implementation environment including organizational restructuring and ongoing operations. Kevin has had the privilege to work with public and private organizations across a variety of sectors including healthcare, public works, waste management, water treatment, and mining. In 2012, as Project Director for the implementation of the Saskatchewan Provincial Electronic Health Record, Kevin was honoured to accept the Project Implementation Team of the Year award from Digital Health Canada.

Talent Triangle: tbd

PDC 2018 - Day 2 Breakfast Keynote: Panic Squad - Improv Leadership

Topic: Improv Leadership

More to come - stay tuned

Panic Squad Bio:


Panic SquadWe have been teaching our Improv Leadership principles across North America with great success. We are firm believers that learning important elements of teamwork and leadership should be fun and memorable. When we’re laughing together we’re open and engaged. When we’re open and engaged, we’re learning. Too often professional development has great content but lacks the delivery to make it fun and make it stick.

If you’ve ever sat through a seminar with a presenter that sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown movies, and a presentation that needed to incorporate stand up and stretch breaks, then you know what I mean. What about passion, creativity, collaboration and those “Aha!” moments that ignite new ideas and behavior? How about breaking through and stretching your limitations instead of taking a break to stretch your legs?

20 years of performing professional improv comedy for diverse organizations across North America has taught us some fabulous lessons in teamwork and leadership. We’ve fused our expert improv experience with key elements of teamwork and leadership to create a memorable professional development workshop we call Improv Leadership. Part professional improv performance and part leadership training, your team will love laughing and learning together.


Talent Triangle: Leadership


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