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PDC 2015 Whitepapers

This year's Whitepaper list.

The Keys to Our Success – Lessons Learned from Some of Our Best Project Managers

  Author: David Barrett  
Based on my book by the same name.  We sought out 25 of our leading project managers to find out the answer to the question – what is the key to your success?  
The result is the book called "The Keys to Our Success - Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers" - a collection of their best stories, lessons, and takeaways.
In this multi-media, interactive hour, I will share some of these lessons learned and facilitate the discussion on those featured lessons and some from the audience.  
  • Know Your Leadership Style  - and let your team know!
  • Business Outcome Management  - looking at the BIG picture
  • The Seven Bullets of Highly Effective Project Managers – keep it simple please!
  • Never Go in Alone (Mentoring / Coaching) – find your gaps and get help
  • Become "Project Business-Savvy" – learning to talk CxO language
  • Get in the Head of Your Sponsor – your #1 ally
  • Scalability and Common Sense: Key Ingredients for Success – it is not one size fits all

Change it up

  Author: Lisa DiTullio  
Driving change in any organization demands strong leadership, razor focus, and steadfast tenacity. It also requires an appreciation of organizational culture, a balance between analysis and creativity, and a need for constant communication.
Whether you are managing projects, leading teams or supervising individuals, today’s business environment requires you to seek new ways to get things done. To change behavior, you must influence people’s hearts and minds.

Boundary Dam: The world’s first commercial-scale CCS project on a coal-fired plant – Right here in Saskatchewan

  Author: Corwyn Bruce, Manager, Supply Development- Carbon Capture, SaskPower  

Professional Engineer Corwyn Bruce was the Associate Manager responsible for the rebuild of Boundary Dam’s Unit #3 and its integration to the carbon capture facility at the Boundary Dam Integrated CCS Project. Mr. Bruce has worked with SaskPower for the past 10 years, serving as a Project Leader completing several control system retrofits before joining the Boundary Dam Integrated CCS Project. During this time, he led the control system replacement projects at Poplar River Power Station in 2006 and again in 2008 when he served as the Commissioning Engineer. Prior to joining SaskPower, he spent 10 years working for Bailey Controls/ABB, designing, commissioning and tuning control system retrofits on thermal power plants throughout Western Canada.

Over the past decade, SaskPower has been looking to answer one key power challenge: how to meet growing demand for power, at an affordable cost, while also reducing emissions. One of the solutions is certainly carbon capture and storage. CCS is an essential addition to Saskatchewan’s power mix to retaining coal as an affordable fuel source for electricity generation.

Saskatchewan has been the site of various CCS activities for 15 years, and with the Boundary Dam CCS project, SaskPower is leading a global conversation about this important emerging technology as not only a solution to a power challenge, but as a potential solution to global climate change.

Bringing together more than 60 subcontracted companies, more than 1,700 employees and contractors, a decade of careful feasibility studies and a total of almost five million man-hours of work over the course of three years, the Boundary Dam CCS project has been one of the great engineering challenges of our time and opens the door to new and improved technologies for the world’s fossil fuel power plants.

The project also meant securing off-takers for the various by-products of our CCS process, and thus contributing to the economics of the environmentally sustainable coal power it now produces. Contracts were secured to sell carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery, sulphuric acid produced on site from captured sulphur dioxide for industrial purposes, and the flyash collected for the construction industry. When all is said and done, the economics of the unit become similar to any of our natural gas or wind units.

This project was built through record spring flooding and extreme winter conditions. Project managers faced many challenges head on and the project was completed with little change in budget or timeline, and without a single lost-time injury. By leading this once-in-a-lifetime project, we gained valuable knowledge in contract management, procurement, operator training, construction efficiency and commissioning, to name a few. These lessons learned mean we’re confident we will be able to achieve 20-30% savings on a future CCS project.


The “S”-sentials for Engineering & Construction Project Management

  Author: Rosanah Santos  

Engineering and Construction projects are exciting, diverse, and long-term contributions to our society.  The concepts in this presentation are the essentials that every E&C Project Manager needs to know.  If you’re new to E&C Project Management, this presentation is for you.  If you’re a seasoned E&C Project Manager, this presentation will be a good reminder of what to implement for your current and future projects.

Key objectives:

  • Introduce the essentials to the Engineering & Construction Project Management Field.
  • Ensure these factors are addressed in the project management process of the project.
  • Example essentials included below:
    • Safety – Critical to Engineering & Construction
    • Stakeholders – Engagement and Timing can “Make or Break” Your Project
    • Sequence of Events – Know Which Tasks Must Occur Before Others
    • Supply Chain – No Materials Equals No Construction

Prince2 or PMI - Is it a Heads or Tails decision, or a Pie and Ice Cream decision?

  Author: Harlan Kennedy  

With the growing popularity of the Prince2 system for Project Management, organizations may be considering adoption of Prince2 a departure from past investment in PMI and PMP certification for Project Managers.

Key objectives:

  • Explain the key differences between PMI and its Guide to the PMBOK, and Prince2.
  • Discuss comparative factors of each, and identify relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify where these two standards can be complimentary.
  • Review some cases where adherence to PMI standards or Prince2 methods averted or might have averted failure.

When we lead like monsters

  Author: Dr. Scott Francis  
What to do when your boss is a werewolf, your coworker is a vampire, your directs are zombies, and you fear you might be next.  This presentation is about the psychological phenomenon of the Jungian archetype when applied to “leader as monster.” At the end of the presentation, you will be able to reflect on your own leadership to see if you are unintentionally sucking the life out of your workforce.

The stories that humans have been telling ourselves and our children over the centuries hold clues for how to succeed in life. The characters that fascinate us carry the symbols that propel us forward in life. They act as antidotes to our fantasies that trap us in the delusion that life will never change and we will live happy-ever-after.


In this session, we will consider our most favourite monsters, including vampires, werewolves, zombies, and frankensteins. Each of these characters reveal the darker side of human interactions. They give us a playful way to confront something we would rather not think about; the fact that we each have a shadow. That shadow effects the people we are trusted with leading. 


You will have fun. You will be mentally stretched. You will gain strategies for dealing with the monsters around you in your professional context and you might even have a look at your own shadow.


More to come !


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