PDC 2017 PDU Information

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ID Name PDU Category Duration  Description Date Time Start Provider Name
PDC2017-RSSC-001 Alan Mallory - Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects Strategic & Business Mgt: 2
Technical: 2
Leadership: 2
6.00 Hours Module 1: Strategic Planning and Industry Knowledge
Module 2: Critical Elements of Scheduling and Time Management
Module 3: Age of Agile: A Hybrid Approach to Agile Project Management
Module 4: Healthy Team Dynamics and Effective Team Management (concluded with hands-on ropes acuity)
15/Nov/17 9 am to  5 pm Alan Mallory
PDC2017-RSSC-002 Mike Griffiths - Going, Integrating and Staying Agile Strategic & Business Mgt: 1
Technical: 3
Leadership: 2
6.00 Hours Module 1: Introducing Agile Methods
Module 2:  Agile and Traditional Methods Integration
Module 3: Agile Team Dynamics and Other Agile Project Management Essentials
15/Nov/17 9 am to  5 pm Mike Griffiths
PDC2017-RSSC-003a Career Concept - Body Language Strategic & Business Mgt: 1.5
3.00 Hours Advanced Communication is designed to increase your awareness of non-verbal signals and how to properly understand and respond to them. Participants learn how to use their own body language to create confidence, clear communication, to influence and persuade, and obtain your desired outcomes. They will delve into the dynamic body language of groups, and learn how power plays, show of status and show of interest can be read through body language. 15/Nov/17 9 am to  12 pm Sherry Barron
PDC2017-RSSC-003b Career Concept - Effective Presentation Skills Strategic & Business Mgt: 1.5
Leadership: 1.5
3.00 Hours Presenting is all about having an impact on your audience regardless of size or topic. And we all want is to give an interesting, effective and memorable presentation. How we give presentations have changed in the recent years with the range of technology at our finger tips (sometimes resulting in overuse… think of “Death by PowerPoint” or underutilization… think of overhead projectors) this seminar focuses on the latest practices in presentation skills, especially in business and academic environments. 15/Nov/17 1 pm to  5 pm Sherry Barron
PDC2017-RSSC-004 Karen Tate - Griffintate Group- "Herding Cats" Strategic & Business Mgt: 3
Leadership: 3
6.00 Hours Get the Most from the Opinions, Experiences, and Egos of Your Teams

This workshop helps project leaders and project team members improve their skills in the following areas:
• Clear, unambiguous, communications
• Team decisions with consensus using subjective (non-numerical) data
• Constructive feedback that is received well
• Efficient and effective virtual or in person meetings
This workshop is highly interactive, providing participants with the hands-on practice they need to build new skills - ones that can be immediately applied to real project work in real project teams.
15/Nov/17 9 am to  5 pm Karen Tate
PDC2017-RSSC-005 Kari Mirabal " Career Development Workshop Strategic & Business Mgt: 3
Leadership: 3
6.00 Hours Is your passion your career?  If not, you may be doing a diservice to yourself and the clients you want to serve.  This career development workshop will empower your audience with knowledge, strategies and simple steps for driving career success.  When you are in the right career, you have the opportunity to connect to other people, your purpose and most importantly – your passion. 15/Nov/17 9 am to  5 pm Kari Mirabal
PDC2017-RSSC-006 Amanda Hudye and Lindsay Sutherland - "The secret to safety, productivity and quality of life? Strategic & Business Mgt: 0.5
Leadership: 0.5
1  Hour This presentation is designed to give you practical tools and strategies to make sleep easier and more restorative. We compromise our productivity and safety in our everyday lives and at work when we are constantly building up a sleep debt. Learn how to get more sleep, when to shut down and improve quality of life in this 60 minute presentation. 14/Nov/17 8:15 to 9:15 Sleepwell
PDC2017-RSSC-007 Karen Tate - Griffintate Group- "Level the Team's Playing Field to Deliver Project Excellence" Strategic & Business Mgt:
Leadership: 1
1  Hour Delivering excellence requires a high performing team that can collaborate and reach consensus on key issues. Learn how to create an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to share their ideas, opinions and experiences without interruption - quickly and orderly. 14/Nov/17 1 pm to 2 pm Karen Tate
PDC2017-RSSC-008 Tim Magwood - "Leading a Culture of Purpose & Passion" Strategic & Business Mgt:
Leadership: 1
1  Hour What is the role of vision and "spirit" in leadership and in any amazing accomplishment? What can we learn from some great leadership stories about purpose and passion? Tim will lead an inspiring, interactive and fun session that will stick forever. 14/Nov/17 6:45 to 7:45 Spellbinders
PDC2017-RSSC-009 Detective Dave Sweet - "Homicide Project Management & Collaboration" Strategic & Business Mgt:
Technical: 1
1  Hour Dave Sweet is currently an active homicide detective with nineteen years policing experience. He has a diploma in Criminology from Mount Royal College and has worked in general patrol, general investigations, the Drug Unit, the Organized Crime Section, as well as the Homicide Unit.  Dave teaches throughout the province on the principles and philosophies behind Major Case Management and is currently collaborating on a book that shares some of the universal life lessons he has learned during his career in law enforcement.. 15/Nov/17 7:45 to 8:45 Dave Sweet
PDC2017-RSSC-010 Alan Mallory - Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects Strategic & Business Mgt: 1
1  Hour Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects - highlight the essential processes that are involved in planning and executing difficult projects by using the challenge of Everest as a metaphor. 15/Nov/17 12:30 to 1:30 Alan Mallory
PDC2017-RSSC-011 Eric Dillon - "Community Partnerships - Obligation or Opportunity"  Strategic & Business Mgt: 0.3
Technical: 0.3
Leadership: 0.4
1  Hour Conexus has been involved in partnerships in our communities for almost 100 years.  We will talk about how our innovative partnership models have evolved over that time, including our newest partnership models with the University of Regina and with Government.  14/Nov/17 9:45 to 10:45 Eric Dillon
PDC2017-RSSC-012 Ian Alarcon & David Stilborn - "Regina's Hauled Wastewater Station Project"  Strategic & Business Mgt: 0.65
Technical: 0.25
Leadership: 0.10
1  Hour The City of Regina Hauled Wastewater Station (HWS) project is necessary to maintain septage receiving service for users within Regina and surrounding area.  The HWS is required because current hauled wastewater practices are not compatible with the upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This project has been delivered through a Design-Bid-Build delivery model and includes the City of Regina, Associated Engineering and Westridge Construction. The HWS construction is currently complete and operation is anticipated in summer of 2017.

From the owner’s perspective a large portion of the work for a project of this complexity was balanced in planning, executing, and closing out; this was owing to the dynamic nature and semi-agile project management approach used. The presentation will discuss the project trajectory, including background and focusing on critical areas for project success; Risk Management, Procurement Management, and Contract Management. Discussion will also include acquired lessons learned and some discussion on the construction phase.
14/Nov/17 11 to 12 pm Ian Alarcon & David Stilborn
PDC2017-RSSC-013 Jasmine Kernaleguen - "Mobilizing People: Enabling Organizational Agility, and Project Success" Strategic & Business Mgt: 0.5
Leadership: 0.5
1  Hour How to mobilize people in projects, and to move towards organizational agility – leadership agility, ownership, momentum, coaching, teams and individuals 14/Nov/17 11 to 12 pm Jasmine Kernaleguen
PDC2017-RSSC-014 Mike Griffiths - "Managing the Unknown with Marty McFly: The Solution is Behind You"  Strategic & Business Mgt: 1
1  Hour Wicked problems are those that cannot be solved with traditional methods or ways of thinking. They are unique problems never seen before in your organization, region or industry. As companies race to innovate and compete in a global market we are seeing wicked problems more and more often. This presentation combines fast-paced view of wicked problems and solutions through history with a slower examination of common steps for solving challenging projects. It is ideal for anyone faced with managing projects with lots of uncertainty or people looking to understand the links between lean, leadership, building collaborative teams, and problem solving. Come and hear the common threads of success stories to be better equipped to manage the unknown.  14/Nov/17 2:30 to 3:30 Mike Griffiths
PDC2017-RSSC-015 Eric Kristjansson - "Creating a Shared Vision" Strategic & Business Mgt:
Leadership: 1
1  Hour The goal of this session is to provide the tools for participants to create a shared vision for their team that will energize, engage, and inspire their people.  14/Nov/17 3:45 to 4:45 Eric Kristjansson
PDC2017-RSSC-016 David Stearns - "Regina Bypass Project Overview and Progress"  Strategic & Business Mgt:
Technical: 1
1  Hour This presentation will provide a description of the Regina Bypass Project (RBP) and a description of progress to date.  14/Nov/17 3:45 to 4:46 David Stearns

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