What is the Chapter Project of the Year Award?

The PMI Regina / South Saskatchewan Chapter established the award in 2005 as the Chapter Project Management Proficiency Award, and rebranded it Project of the Year Award.  The goal of this award to promote and recognize Project Management "best practices", and increasing awareness and recognition of Project Management excellence and success within our community.


To recognize, honour and publicize the successful completion of projects in Saskatchewan whose team members have demonstrated superior performance in the application of project management principles and techniques.

 Downloadable Documents:  2022 Submission Guidelines     Submission Form 2022


The benefits for entering a project into the PMI Regina South Saskatchewan POY are:

• Exposure and recognition for the project and organization, both within your organization and externally, by PMI Regina South Saskatchewan, a respected professional organization

• Opportunity to make a monetary donation to the charity of your choice on behalf of the chapter and your organization

• A great way to thank your team for a job well done and to celebrate project success

• Opportunity to advance the Project Management profession in the province

• Promote the understanding of the principles and benefits of project management within your organization

• Opportunity for the winning project team to present their project at a PMI Chapter meeting

• Demonstrates your project management skills, experience, and success to your current employer/client and potential future employers/clients. Looks good on your resume of RFP responses and takes your career to the next level

• Free passes for the award presentation

Qualifying Projects

All project types, sizes, duration, and sectors are encouraged to participate and compete. PMI affiliation is not required.

The following criteria must be met:

• The project manager and/or team directly responsible for the project must be from Saskatchewan.

• The project was essentially completed between Q3 of 2021 and Q2 of 2022 and met or exceeded Owner/Client’s needs as evidenced by a letter from the Owner/Client.

• The Owner/Client must approve disclosure of project information.



A project may be nominated by anyone for award consideration. Nominations must be received by September 30, 2022.


Evaluations are based solely on the written submissions and are judged by a panel of judges as selected by the POY Judging Chair. The panel of judges will include a minimum of three (3) individuals with a broad spectrum of project management experience and who have been certified as PMPs. The names of the judges are kept confidential by the POY Judging Chair. All judges must have no direct affiliation with any of the nominated projects.


The results will be announced and awards will be presented at the 2022 Regina South Saskatchewan Professional Development Conference (PDC) in November.


Each submission will be recognized with a brief project profile in the POY Awards Slideshow as well as with a presentation of a Project of the Year nominee award.

Winner of the Project of the Year will receive:

• A $500 donation on behalf of your organization to the charity of your choice

• A PMI Regina South Saskatchewan Project of the Year trophy

• Opportunity to present your project at a PMI Chapter meeting

All Nominations will receive:

• A PMI Regina South Saskatchewan Project of the Year Nomination award


The charitable organization selected must meet the following criteria:

a. Must be a registered charity in the province.

b. Must operate or be based in Saskatchewan.

c. Must be for the benefit of the people of Saskatchewan.

Submission Requirements

A. Written Submission

Entry into the Regina South Saskatchewan Chapter competition requires a written submission using the Project of the Year Submission Form Template and must follow the Submission Requirements described here.

Submissions must be in 8 ½” X 11” format and no more than 15 pages in length (PDF)

• Owner’s Satisfaction letter is not included in maximum length, typed in font no smaller than size 10 and no larger than size 12

• Unlimited number of appendices can be added. These should be used to provide imagery, diagrams, charts or other supporting information. Appendices will not be considered for judging.

The written submission requires multiple sections to complete. All sections must be completed (unless it does not apply to your project, in which case you must indicate that as appropriate).

B. Photographs and/or Graphic Illustrations and Logos (will not be included for judging):

Photographs 3 MB in size (minimum) of project activities and, ideally, of the project team, are preferred, but illustrations or graphics are acceptable. These will be used in the POY Awards Slideshow. Please do not insert the photos into your Word document (submission), rather, send them as separate files.

An EPS file of your logo is required as well. If you do not have an EPS file of your logo, please provide a high resolution JPEG or TIFF.

If any of the files are too large to email, please upload them to Google Drive or similar cloud services. Please provide the files or link along with your submission.

Submission Method

Delivering the Submission

Send your submissions by email. It must be received by 2:00 p.m. on September 30, 2022. Please eMail VP Community Relations (vp-communityrelations@pmisouthsask.org) for instructions on how to submit. Please note: If your submission file size exceeds 10MB, you will need to submit a request at least one week prior to the deadline, to have a cloud-based folder set up for you.

You will receive an email confirming receipt and the next steps.

Contact Information

Contact for questions related to submissions:

eMail VP Community Relations (vp-communityrelations@pmisouthsask.org)